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Dan’s wife, Jaime worked with a supplement lab to develop a weight loss product. Even though Dan had a day job fixing computers, he worked on selling this product online whenever he had available time mainly at nights and weekends. Fast forward a few months and it eventually took off and he was able to quit his day job so that he could commit full-time work to the marketing this weight loss product.

About Dan Edmund

Dan Edmund has been doing online marketing for over 14 years now and is the founder of Ecommerce Mastery.

While he is an expert on many different areas of online marketing, his primary focus has been e-commerce.

Him and his team run a large number of ecommerce sites ranging from supplements to gadgets to beard care products and much more.

In addition to that, he runs a viral blog that has over 1 million social media followers.

He currently resides on the beautiful island of Maui with his wife Jaime and their son.