Efficient Hosting Package

"Is This Package Meet Your Need?
For Whom This Package Is Targeted?
Can You Profit From
This Hosting Package?"

Short & Quick Answer Below. No Hyped Marketing Gimmicks.


Efficient Hosting Package are basically the same as EcstatiX hosting
package. The difference is, your Efficient account will be located on
a US server
, while EcstatiX on a Malaysia server. As the server
in Malaysia is more expensive, the Efficient account also is slightly
cheaper than EstatiX by RM 20



This is our most popular package. It can hold multiple domain in the same
hosting account. So that's mean you can host multiple sites with
one hosting account. It's Ecommerce-Ready.



If your main target market or audience are globally located, you are advise
to take this package. As the physical location of this
server is in United States, your client will be able to load the site faster by a few
miliseconds compared to a site which is located in Malaysian server.


Ideal for students, first time web owner, newbie, seasoned internet
marketer building their second sites, for small business owners,
bloggers, in short for everyone.


Our Promise To You

99.5% Uptime Guarantee
1 Day Fast Response Guarantee,
We Are Your Courteous and Friendly Partners That Take Care of Your Business
Technology Need So That You Can Focus on Making Profit For Your Business.


How Much?

All this professional service for just RM 100 (add another RM 30 if you don't have a domain)



So, what is your decision?


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All Our Clients Are Covered By Our 1 Business Fast Response GUARANTEED



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